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The new and improved Nike Metcon 7 - All you need to know.

Having spent the last 2 years trying to develop the best CrossFit oriented training shoe out there, Nike assembled together with their panel of athletes and experts with the goal to develop the best and most versatile Crossfit shoe out there. Having already set the bar high with the release of the Metcon 6, let’s see how they’ve taken further strides forward in the development of their iconic Crossfit performance shoe, the Nike Metcon 7.

How did Nike go about upgrading the new Metcon 7:

All of these topics were based on the feedback Nike received for the previous Metcon 6 model.

For the Metcon 6, heavyweight-lifters felt they needed more stability from the Metcon to be used instead of a dedicated lifting model.

Going through the Nike Romaleos, and searching for ways to integrate the fantastic stability that shoe provides as a dedicated weight-lifting shoe, they decided to take the best aspect of the Romaleos, which is a really solid heel plastic piece and they put it into the Metcon. This is because when the force of the heel goes into the heel of the shoe, it helps dissipate the force of the widest part of the shoe. Without this hard piece of plastic in the heel, like with a foam heel instead, for example - the force you applied downwards shoots straight back up instead of spreading to the widest part of the shoe, thus reducing stability.

Additionally, the hyperlift system is now integrated straight into the Metcon shoe, instead of being an extra insole that you could add or remove by yourself.

Those seeking to use the Metcon 6 shoes for running, found the cushioning of the shoe to be lacking.

To make the shoe more runnable, they decided to make use of their React foam from previous running models they’ve released. This foam was then sandwiched between the heel and the sole of the shoe to dissipate the stiffness and allow athletes to run easily.

Avid rope climbers felt they were losing friction after having used the shoe for a while.

By making use of infrared cameras, they could see which part of the rubber of the shoe received the highest amount of friction and thus heat. With this information they could then improve the sturdiness of the medial and lateral rope guards to withstand even more.

The shoe laces could come undone from time to time.

Taking inspiration from wrestlers’ shoes, where you can be penalized in competition for having your laces untied, It is common to find a material with velcro that folds over the lace to keep them in place. The Metcon 7 includes a similar feature.

The full list of Features:

  1. Heel-to-Toe Drop: 6mm
  2. Nike React Foam Midsole
  3. Full Rubber Outsole
  4. Built-In Hyperlifts
  5. Breathable Mesh Upper
  6. Lace-Locking Tech
  7. Medial and Lateral Rope Guards
  8. Nike Flywire Tech

The run through:

Overall, it’s clear that the Metcon 7 is a great improvement made by Nike from the previous Metcon 6. With the same goal in mind, many new changes have been made that will really help boost your performance, whether you want to go for a run, or are looking for a stable weightlifting session at the gym.

The Metcon 7 features the same great breathable mesh upper that Metcon 6 wearers know and love, so no need to worry about overt perspiration during your workouts.

Seeing as the Metcon 7 now has Nike’s React Foam throughout its midsole, it will give a bit more bounce and reactivity in plyometrics and runs.

What more could one want?

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