How do you stay motivated for your workouts?

Let’s be honest. Keeping up with your training can be just as hard as starting it. We all know very well that working out and being active is good for us, yet it’s sometimes a little too easy to hide behind excuses. If you - like so many others - are struggling with your motivation at the moment, here’s a few tips that might be able to help you along the way.

Try something new

We know it sounds like a cliché, but there is indeed something for everybody. Working out doesn’t always need to be running a marathon or lifting heavy weights. Who knows, if you try it you might end up with a new love for padel, yoga or boxing! Dare to try new forms of working out, it might give you that extra spark of motivation and bring back some inspiration.

Bring a friend

“Friends that sweat together, stay together”. Everything is easier with a friend. Not only can you get super creative and modify your usual excersises, it also helps with someone who can challenge and push you to the next level.

Find your “why”

Think about why you are working out and how important your current training goal actually is to you. What’s the purpose of your training and what you want to achieve with it? If your main priority is to keep active and stay healthy, a few hours a week might be sufficient. If, however, your goal is to run a marathon, lift a certain weight or look a certain way, it’s going to require a lot more time and prioritization from your part. Are your goals balanced with the time you’re willing to put down?

Schedule time for training

Sticking to routine is key for many. Just like you would plan a dinner party or a meeting at work, schedule your workout time ahead in your calendar. Decide on what days you want to workout and you might soon notice that it’s easier to stay consistent. If you’re aware that you easily turn down your training for a spontaneous After Work or an extra hour at work, perhaps an idea is to schedule your workout the first thing in the morning?

Create a new playlist

A really good song can get most people excited. Look for new, peppy playlists at Spotify or create your own with your favourites. Plug your ear phones in and you’re ready to go!
Prep what you can
Pack your bag ahead. Keep your training bag packed and ready at work, in the car or right inside your door. This way, your motivation is right ahead of you and it’s easier to get moving.

Treat yourself to a new outfit

Sometimes, it’s not more difficult than a pair of new, good looking pair of training shoes. Does your old pair of tights still stay in place during your workout? Do your socks occur chafing when you run? Treat yourself to something new.

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