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Guide: How to find the right swimwear

Summer means swimwear season, and whether you prefer a swimsuit or a bikini, there are countless designs to choose between. We have put together this guide to help you find your perfect match. Let’s dive into the options!

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How do you like spending your time at the beach?

Are you longing for an intense game of beach volleyball or do you prefer to wind down with a slow waterside stroll? A sporty swimsuit or bikini that stays in place are both good options for more intense activities. For easier activities such as slower walks and gentle swimming, you may not need the same level of support and coverage.

Swimwear for intense activities:

See the swimsuit here

See the bikini here

Swimwear for gentler activities:

See the swimsuit here

See the bikini here

What type of design do you prefer?

Do you like the minimalistic design or do you prefer frills and color? There is swimwear for every taste!

Sleek and simple:

See the bikini here

See the swimsuit here

Vibrant colors and playful details:

See the bikini here

See the swimsuit here

The swimsuit

The swimsuit has become very popular again thanks to the comfort and many interesting and flattering designs that have been developed lately. Here are some of the models you can choose between:

Plunge back: This design offers full coverage at the front but features a low cut in the back.

See this swimsuit here

Racerback: The racerback swimsuit is a sporty design that offers good support and coverage, which makes it a great choice for more intense swimming and activities.

See this swimsuit here

Crossback: This model features straps that are crossed in the back, which is both flattering and keeps the straps from sliding down.

See this swimsuit here

Legsuit: The legsuit is a swimsuit with legs that offer full coverage and is a great choice for intense sports as it is guaranteed to stay in place.

See this swimsuit here

Maternity swimsuits: There are also specially designed maternity swimsuits that are comfortable for a growing belly.

See this swimsuit here

The bikini top

One of the great benefits of the bikini is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms in any way you wish. When it comes to the bikini top, there are several different styles:

Triangle: The triangle-shaped bikini top is a classic that offers moderate support with thin and versatile straps that tie at the neck. It does not offer much coverage and is ideal for small to medium busts.

See this bikini here

Racerback: The racerback top is a sporty design that offers good support and coverage. The wide straps are comfortable and the T-shaped back allows for ease of movement in sports activities. This style works well for all bust sizes.

See this bikini top here

Scoop: The scoop neck is a flattering design that features wide and secure straps. It is similar to the racerback in that it works well for medium to large busts and is comfortable. The coverage is moderate.

See this bikini top here

Bandeau: The bandeau top creates a sleek silhouette and is ideal for small to medium busts. It does not have any straps and therefore offers minimal support.

See this bikini top here

Wire bra: The wire bra bikini top is similar to a regular bra and comes in many different styles. Some designs have padding with a push-up effect and some have removable straps. This bikini top comes in various levels of coverage and support and therefore suits all bust sizes.

See this bikini top here

The bikini bottom

The bikini bottoms also come in various designs and levels of coverage.

Boxer: The boxer bikini bottom looks like short shorts and is a great choice for intense activities. They stay in place and offer full coverage.

See these boxers here

Brief: The brief is a classic model that suits everybody. It offers moderate to full coverage and allows for freedom of movement as it stays in place.

See these briefs here

Hipster: Hipster bikini bottoms hug the hips with a wider band, generally have medium to low rise and moderate coverage.

See these hipster bottoms here

Tanga: The tanga has a narrow band with medium to high rise. The tie tanga is tied at the sides so that you can adjust the fit to suit you the best. This design usually offers low to moderate coverage.

See these tangas here

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Taking care of your swimwear

Make your swimwear last longer by rinsing them in clean water after swimming in chlorine or saltwater. Don’t use fabric softener and wash with similar colors at 30 degrees.

Article written by: Susanna Göransson, @susannagoransson