Salomon Vaya - Hiking Shoes for Women

We’ve seen it before: Salomon taking the scene with garments specifically made for women. Vaya is the light hiking shoe - we said it - specifically made for women’s feet. Excellent for hiking in terrain, but also as a walking shoe, you’ll find Vaya in different models depending on your need and purpose.

“For women” - what does it actually mean?

Inspired by sneakers fashion and running shoes, Vaya is challenging the perhaps otherwise “classic” look of a hiking shoe. Traditionally, you’ll find colors such as black, brown or dark red but not in this case. When creating the Vaya, Salomon wanted the shoe to stand out and to fit the female client, yet still blend in in nature where it belongs.

Apart from the coloring, how the shoe fits is usually what separates a women’s shoe from a men’s shoe - equally so in this case. Traditionally, a women’s shoe is a bit smaller in the last compared to a men’s shoe, and this normally goes even if it’s a hiking shoe, a winter boot or a running shoe. Salomon implemented this on their very first only female hiking shoe to fit perfectly according to women’s feet morphology.

Hiking shoe with low shaft: Vaya GTX

Designed for active, outdoor women looking to re-energize and reconnect with nature. It’s waterproofed thanks to its membrane in Gore-Tex. Well needed both in summer time and colder seasons for either rainy or mucky days. In addition to this, it’s also equipped with Contagrip - the outsole of the shoe, designed to give good grip on both soft and hard foundation.

On the upper side of the shoe you’ll find Sesiflex. Salomon’s very own Malin Andersson describes this as “Stretch panels on the upper side that can expand and adapt to your foot. When putting down your foot and your weight on your forefoot, your foot will be at its biggest. Sesiflex makes the material in the shoe expand, and h´then helps extract as soon as you’re lifting your foot again.”

Built to manage all terrains. Vaya was designed to be a multi functional shoe and works on muck, slippery roots and hard stone slab.

Hiking boot with high shaft: Vaya Mid Gore-Tex & Vaya Blaze

The Vaya Mid Gore-Tex features the same qualities as the Vaya Gore-Tex, but with a higher ankle support for extra stability.

The Vaya Blaze equips you for more wintery, outdoor adventures. With a combination of a winter Contagrip® outsole that’s built to stay supple and grippy in cold temperatures and a CSWP waterproof membrane, Salomon’s made sure to keep your feet dry. The boot traps your body heat inside to keep your feet warm, yet without overheating.

Winter boot with high shaft: Vaya Powder

The Vaya Powder offers an even higher fit for better protection against snow. Wear this for proper winter days and keep your feet toasty warm, whether on the move or standing still.

Comfortable from start

One of the great benefits of choosing Vaya is its material. As it’s traditionally mainly leather material that causes that hard, stiff feeling (and on occasion, perhaps also chafing), Vaya doesn’t need to be walked in before being used. Synthetic material has the benefit of being comfortable and soft even the first time you’re using them, assuming you’ve made the right choice for your feet.

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