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30 years ago, the Newline brand was founded. The former fighter Helge Petersen, with a lifelong career in the military special forces, then discovered an interesting thing about parachutes when one day he hung and dangled under his own. He found that when he jumped through a cloud, his suit was wet on landing while the parachute was dry. This gave him ideas and inspiration that resulted in him creating the first running suit based on synthetic, quick-drying, durable and very light parachute material. The running suit was the first in the world in functional materials and with this slightly sensational invention, the brand Newline was also born.

From the very beginning, the focus for Helge Petersen and his Newline has been on wind and water tightness, moisture dissipation, breathability, cooling and warming effect and not least the weight. Together with high-quality materials and a manufacturing process in absolute top class, these functions and elements are something that is woven into Newline's DNA and it permeates the entire brand. Newline aims high in development and is constantly reaching new heights, for example, the already high-quality materials used have been supplemented with new, innovative materials that help and support the muscles to perform even better during physical activity. Despite constant development and innovation, all Newline garments are manufactured in the same spirit as they have always been made and with a common goal - to give you the best experience!

For 26 years under private auspices, Newline's founder Helge Petersen decides to sell his company to a group of Danish investors who want to make an offensive effort to spread the Newline brand around the world. This was in 2007 and now, a few years later, Newline is sold in 19 European countries. The range consists of a total concept of functional clothing for the active in running, cycling, cross-country skiing, triathlon and walking plus underwear and accessories. The news also includes running shoes. In Sweden, Newline has over the years been seen as sponsors of Vätternrundan, Göteborgsvarvet and Stockholm Marathon.

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