The Sweaty Reality

Sweating while exercising is natural, just like getting tired or redness. Yet, one in ten women avoids exercising due to the fear of looking sweaty and of how they will be perceived. It is not surprising, as the current image presented in the media does not accurately represent reality, particularly the sweaty reality.

As a company in the sports and fitness industry, we acknowledge our role in perpetuating this problem and strive to do better. Our goal is to showcase a more authentic representation of active lifestyles and to empower women to exercise in their way, without any limitations or insecurities. Exercise is about so much more than just sweating. It's about self-care, both physically and mentally. It's about doing something enjoyable and challenging oneself for one's own benefit.

3 sweaty questions

We had some of our team members answer a few sweaty questions. Here are their answers:

1: How good would you say the sports industry is at portraying sweat in its marketing?

Not good at all, and that’s why we felt the need to pay attention to it in our new campaign. Showing training in its most natural form is the most reasonable thing for sports companies. However, today, it’s something considered abnormal due to the lack of representation in marketing. Not to hide the fact that we, as a sports brand, have a contributing part to it. Therefore it’s about time to change the picture of how women should look when they work out.

Stine, Sportamore

2: Do you find it challenging that you might turn red or sweaty when you exercise?

Both. When I’m working out, I don’t necessarily think about it, but it’s clear that I reflect on getting sweaty and red and how others see me afterwards. Society has created a distorted image of what attributes such as redness and sweating mean when it’s one of the most natural things. And I feel that now that we’ve talked about it, it doesn’t feel as big of a problem – you have to de-dramatize it all.

Lina, Sportamore

3: Do you think many women feel inhibited by their sweat?

Sadly, yes. This is created by distorted norms and stereotypes of how women should be and look – criteria that tells you what’s okay and what’s not. And just like other sports brands, we contribute to this image. It’s a long-term effort that several actors must work towards. And this is why we want to, uncommented, show the sweaty reality to portray it as naturally as it is.

Vilma, Sportamore

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