How to get started with trail running

Here are the best tips from running coach Oya Hanzén.

If you’ve never tried trail running, you’ve never experienced the wonderful, playful feeling it brings you. The adventure and the total feeling of freedom that comes about when you finally dare to try trail running is simply spelled M A G I C. Enjoying the scents of the forest, birds chirping above your head and a blissful environment takes you far away from your everyday stress. Trail running creates a space where time can disappear and where you can collect and gather new energy.

The way Oya Hanzén, certified running coach and passionated runner (to say the least), describes it, it makes you want to tie your shoes in a split second. And you know what? Getting out there really doesn’t have to be complicated at all. 
Below, Oya shares her best tips with us on how to get started.

Oya Hanzén, (@runzpire), is an energetic and happy girl who loves running, especially trail running.

Tell us some more about yourself, Oya.

”I’m married with two kids and live with my family in Norrköping, Sweden. When I’m not running or inspiring others to get out there (Instagram: @runzpire), I work within business sales, business development and marketing."

In what ways do you practice running?

”Running is my therapy, freedom, medicin and complete happiness. I’m a trained running coach creating customized running programs for other runners, and twice a year I organize a running event called #Löparlördagdeluxe. I also have the honor to inspire others on Instagram (@runzpire) in challenging themselves to try trail and mountain running.”

Why trail running? 

”It was thanks to Salomon that I found the love for trails and mountains. I’ve made the journey from power walking to running a full Mountain Marathon and I’m passionate about a sustainable, injury-free and active lifestyle where the journey itself - the adventure, the experience and the passion for running - is the goal. I’ve dared to challenge myself on so many levels and managed to do so in an easy and playful way - always focusing on keeping the joy.”

Oyas best tips on how to get started with trail running:

🔹 Invest in a good pair of trail running shoes that gives you stability and grip in the terrain. My favourites are Salomon’s Alphacross.

🔹 Start in easy terrain in nature close to you. Don’t start too hard, it should be easy assessible.

🔹 Have in mind that tracks in the forest usually have quite a few hills. Keep your tempo down to have energy to last longer.

🔹 Run with a friend! It’s so much more fun and also the perfect motivation kick when it gets heavy in the hills.

Note that the necessary equipment might differ slightly from ordinary urban running. Depending on your terrain, you may need a pair of more sturdy shoes to keep you stable during your run. In many cases, a running vest is also to recommend to be able to bring other necessary gear - and especially to be able to easily hydrate.

What are Oyas thoughts on equipment for trail running?

Let’s find out through these 5 quick questions!

Any recommendations on a running vest that works all year?

Salomon Active Skin 8!

Can you adjust the size of that running vest?

Yes, you never have to worry about the vest not fitting the way YOU want.

Will the vest bump around when running?

No, you can adjust the vest to make it fit firmly.

Any recommenations on good trail running shoes?

Alphacross is a really good shoe! If the terrain is wet or muddy, you might need a shoe with GoreTex, for example Alphacross GTX.

Are Salomon’s shoes true to size? Are they spacious for your toes?

My toes and heels have enough space. And yes, I would say that they’re true to size. Go for the size you usually wear. If you’re unsure, you’ll find a sizeguide here.

”I really hope you have the courage now to spend a few kilometers in the forest, I promise you’ll love it! Trail running as an investment in your body and soul is simply too good to be without. Get out there and enjoy it!"

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