Summer training - Workout 8

Team of 2 - Amrap 36

(As many rounds as possible for 36 minutes)

100 burpees

80 box step ups (add weight to make it more challenging)

60 dips

40 walking plank

200 m run (each, both you and your partner run together here)

Work together with a partner (if you do this alone, divide all repetitions in two).

Split however you like but always finish one exercise before moving on to the next. When you work, your partner rests. When you've both run your first round of 200 meters, you move on to doing your burpees again.

Want to make it more challenging? When your partner works, either stand in a plank or hold a really heavy item such as a medicine mall or a gym sack.


Start with your feet shoulder width apart and then jump down on the ground with your hands downwards. Your chest and thighs should make contact with the ground. When going back up, jump or walk your feet towards your hands and extend your hips back iinto a standing position. Jump and clap your hands behind your head (your hip should be fully extended here) and then repeat.

Want to challenge yourself even further? Try the Burpee Box Jump!

Just as it sounds, jump up a box or some stairs after each burpee.

Box step ups

Find a box or in this case, some stairs, that challenges you atleast a little bit in terms of height. To perform a box step up, walk up the box with one leg at a time and extend your hip fully at the top. Walk back down and remember to alternate your legs between your reps.

If you choose to add weight, suggested equipment could be dumbbells, kettlebells or a barbell. When doing weighted step-ups, be even more considerate with your technique rather than just focusing on going heavy.

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Bench dips

(If you have access to paralell bars, go for it!)

Find a bench or similar and sit down with your hands next to your thighs. Walk your feet out and extend your legs. Hinging at your elbows, lower your body as far down as you can go or until your arms end up in a 90-degree anle. Push yourself back up and repeat.

Walking plank

Start in a standard plank position with your hands placed directly under your shoulders. Squeeze your glutes to stabilize your body and make sure your bum is not too high and not too low - your body should look like a straight line. Walk down onto one forearm at a time, and then back up again. Up and down counts as 1 repetition.

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