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How to level up your strength training

Are you consistent with your training but feel that you may have hit a workout plateau? Are you constantly searching for new exercises for your workouts? Or, are you perhaps interested in how you can create your own strength test? Personal Trainer Martina Rehn gives you her best tips.

Swapping exercises isn’t the only way to change your routine. With this simple trick, you can add a dozen new exercises to your upcoming training sessions, keeping your mind and body motivated!

Simply just start to change your equipment. Swap your dumbbells to a pair of weight plates, or kettlebells, to get a new feeling in an “old” exercise! Bend over row, flyes and split squats are examples of exercises where you can use weight plates or kettlebells instead of dumbbells. You can implement this way of thinking to other exercises such as swapping a barbell to a Z-bar for biceps curls, or using a hex bar for deadlifts instead of a traditional barbell. By adding this way of thinking to your workout program you will challenge your body more than you think and suddenly you have so many new exercises to try. Game changer!

What about motivation, how do you motivate yourself towards your goals?

One of the best ways to keep you on track is to measure your strength and/or endurance. This is actually easier than you think!

Start with setting a goal with your training. Let’s say you want to improve your general strength, you choose a handful of relevant exercises, grab a pen and some paper and start by writing your goals down.

Do you want to improve your strength in your lower body? Go for exercises like “How many squats can I perform with a 40 kg barbell”.

Do you want to target your upper body? Go for something like “How many shoulder presses can I do with a 10 kg barbell?”.

Do you want to combine strength and endurance? Try “How many push-ups can I do in 30 seconds?”.

Make sure you write down the amount of rest in between your exercises so the next follow-up will be as identical as possible to your first test round. And, don’t forget to do a proper warm-up before you start.

Still not sure on how to make your own strength test? No worries, here is a test for you to save and try whenever!

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Article by: Martina Rehn, @martinaarehn