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Guide - How to find the right sports bra fit

Finding your way through the complex (and big) world of sports bras is not always an easy task. As your breasts can move as much as 20 centimeters (!) in just one running step depending on your breast size. A good sports bra is essential to be able to feel comfortable and really give it all you got.

1: What kind of activity will you perform?

Before choosing your brand, color or style, consider what activity you’ll be performing. Different types of training require different types of support, and most sports bras are designed for three levels of support based on the intensity of your workout - low, medium and high.

Low impact - Low support

Sports bras specifically designed for lower impact activities such as yoga, pilates, stretching, power walking or golf. Usually made using soft materials focusing on your comfort and mobility.

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Medium impact - Medium support

Ready to hit the gym? For medium impact activities, such as gym training, cycling or skiing, a medium impact sports bra is your go-to. Often made from materials that offer great support and moisture management.

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High impact - High support

Perfect for activities such as HIIT, running, Crossfit, racquet sports or dancing. If you have a larger bust, you might want to go with a high impact sports bra no matter your activity for guaranteed support.

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2: What type of sports bra do you want?

Compression sports bra

For a tight fit, go with a compression sports bra. By compressing the breast tissue close to the body, this type gives you maximized support. A good choice for low to medium impact activities, and if you’re a small to medium cup size.

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Encapsulation sports bra

Ideal for medium to high impact activities. Equipped with inbuilt cups, these provide great support for each breast individually and are therefore a better choice than the compression sports bra if you’re a medium to large cup size.

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Hybrid sports bra

Can’t decide? Don’t bother to! Combine compression and encapsulation in one sports bra to provide maximum support and comfort. An ideal type of sports bra for medium to high impact activities that works for all cup sizes.

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3: What size should you go for?

Again, perhaps not the easiest - especially not with brands offering different size guides and measures of sizes. The general rule is to remember that it should be tight but not uncomfortable - no chafing whatsoever. On the contrary, you should feel safe and comfortable to move without any seams cutting into your skin. If you can tick a “yes” on all these questions - you’ve probably found your perfect match.

Is your sports bra tighter than your regular bra?

Can you take it off even after a sweaty session?

Does your breast fit within the cup (if your sports bra has one), without falling out above or on the side?

Can you pendulum swing with your arms above your head, back and forth, without the sports bra following your movement?

Can you take a deep breath without it pressing too hard or hurting?

Psst.. if you find yourself between two sizes: go down one to make sure you get a tight fit. If doing this on an Encapsulation bra: you might need to go up a cup size.

(4): What style and what features do you want your sports bra to have?

After focusing on impact level, type and size, it’s time for the final touches! Let's have a look at a few of our favourites!

Racerback sports bra

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Pullover sports bra

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Padded sports bra

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Wide shoulder straps

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Thin shoulder straps

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Adjustable shoulder straps

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Maternity sports bra

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Taking care of your sports bra

Even a good sports bra will lose its elasticity over time. Just like a pair of sports shoes, they need to be exchanged regularly. A good sports bra usually has a lifespan of 12-15 months.

Wash your sports bra in cold water as hot water risks breaking the spandex fibers. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach. Never tumble dry.

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